We build apps and websites and promote them with proven methods

With experience of over five years in SEO and marketing, Neonep is perfect place to kickstart your next project.

Build websites

We have built SEO optimized, fast and dynamic websites for your new project.

design system creative
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Mobile Apps

Build an app of your requirements for a reasonable price.

App vision success
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SEO and Marketing

Just building things won't get you anywhere in a world full of competition. Let us help kickstart your project and reach it's full potential.

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Awesome features

We believe that a well-thought design is key for a successful product, and we're here to help you.

  • Carefully included designs
  • Amazing interfaces
  • Friendly design team

We paint your digital picture

It's important to leave a beautiful digital imprint of your company in order to make a mark.

We listen to your requirements

We will be all ears to listen to your requirements, and make proper suggestions in order to facilitate a proper release to your product.

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We build amazing user interface

Our main priority is to give proper user experience to the consumers of our product. It not only makes it more marketable, but also helps in user retention.

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The amazing Team

These are the people at work to help you kickstart your product.

Barun Pandey Web Developer
Anup Sedhain Web Developer
Ipsha Sharma Marketing Strategist
Meena Sherpa Designer

Kickstart your project now!

Don't hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote if you're looking for the following products:

A complete web solution

To build a complete web solution to convert your website users into real-life customers

To grow your market

To expand the horizons of your current customer base.

Build and Launch

Build a mobile app and launch it to the customers.

Want to work with us?

Your business idea is important to us.